The Ultimate Guide for Engagement In Digital Marketing Business

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Every day, there are thousands of companies and businesses that make life on the Internet (social networks) to attract potential customers, but how do these companies know if their tactics are effective? There are very few among them that work viably for people engagement in digital marketing.

The Ultimate Guide for  Engagement In Digital Marketing Business

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Improvement in sales can attribute these companies to social networks or to the Internet. You can follow digitalmarketing blogs to get amazing strategies and guidelines for improving sales on social networks.

But before having that data, the companies should and know that they are driving their audience to the right point or not.As you know, the process of selling products or services is done in steps, the conversion funnel gives you a notion of how such processes are carried out. 

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Thus, you must refine each stage so that the potential consumer becomes a buyer, and more than being an occasional buyer, he is someone who buys frequently and is able to recommend more customers for you.

What Is Engagement?

If we translate the concept of engagement in Spanish, it means “commitment”. 

It’s simple, this concept measures how committed and willing your customers or audience are to buy or recommend the brand’s services or products and how committed they are with the company.In the case of social networks, engagement measures how successful the content proposal you offer is expressed in “likes”, comments, and times shared. 

In an email marketing campaign we could also measure it, in this case, we could start with the percentage of users who open your messages and then the percentage that performs the actions that you have proposed.

If you have a blog you could also measure how successful your content is if you analyze the number of people who have read it.

And who have commented or shared (furthermore, you could study how many people subscribe to your newsletter and it is the best indication of what you offer them, and whether they like it or not) it?

Why Worry About Engagement?

With the explanation that I have given you before you can already notice how important engagement is, but I want to give you more reasons to worry about this measure.As I told you, and you know, your goal is to generate many sales for your business, and for buyers to return every time they need you, that is the way to make your products their favorites. 

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If you fail to capture the attention of the market, the sale becomes less, then you are not achieving the objectives of your business.I tell you, it is not easy for a consumer to change their habits and their solution providers, it only occurs if they find an offer that gives them more confidence and a better level of satisfaction.

If you are aware of the number of people who are committing to your business proposal, you can make decisions about the strategy. For example, if you notice that everything is going well, then you can strengthen that strategy and, if engagement is very low, you can redesign the strategy until you see a positive change.

The best thing about the Internet, especially social networks, is that it gives us true and quantifiable data on the level of interaction of our audience and with that data, we can make decisions.Now, I am talking about return on investment, engagement could be useful to determine how much each potential client is costing you, and the investment in this is positive or not.

Engagement Levels: A ” Like ” Is Not The Same As A ” Share “

We analyze engagement on social networks, for example, we see that the interactions are not the same and that each one involves a different level of “commitment”.For example, it is not the same to “like” a photo on Instagram as to share it or comment on it.

Reacting to a Facebook post is not the same as sharing it among your friends.

What is the difference? Simple, we can relate the action to the degree of satisfaction of the person. 

A Facebook user who shares a post not only tells you that they liked it, but it is so good that they want the rest of their friends to see it and find out what you are offering. 

Later we will see the power that can have the audience who are truly engaged.

For example, currently “liking” a photo on Instagram is common, it could not be directly related to a very high level of commitment, unless that person “likes” all the images you upload.

In conclusion, the nature of the actions is related to the engagement of the audience. 

A person who shares and comments is much more likely to be more willing to buy what you sell, than someone who only tells you that they like the publication.

If the level of engagement is high, your business will have a higher number of interactions.At this point, meme marketing is currently one of the strategies in social networks that are achieving maximum engagement, value this option!

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I Am Doing It Right? What The Metrics Say

Once you have noticed that this engagement has some complexity and that it is a very important measure, you should know the total number of your audience.Moreover, you should know that either only a small percentage is engaged or maximum people interact with your content.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all social networks offer the same engagement opportunities. 

For example, on Facebook, 1% engagement is normal because people have a harder time, and they don’t much like share and comment. It’s also because Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t show all of your posts to all of your followers.

As I told you when talking about SEO on Instagram, good engagement can be between 2 and 3% and on Twitter, it is close to 2%, although it depends on the business niche and content adaptation on each social network.

If you have better than the average engagement, you can be proud of your strategy, because something is working. 

Now, having a much higher than average engagement is unrealistic, don’t get obsessed with too big interactions unless your goal is to go viral.

At this point, it is important to remind yourself that it is not all about gaining more and more followers.

But those people who follow you really are a part of your target market and interact with your business proposal, although it is still true that With a large community, or audience, the likelihood of spreading the word is much higher.

The Engagement That Generates Engagement

When you analyze engagement, you will realize something very important and the total number of people who interact with your content, there are people who are at a higher level of commitment.I don’t know if you remember that we ever talked about using the most committed buyers or followers to become ambassadors for your brand and your products. 

With the knowledge of this metric, you will be able to determine who those people are and create a strategy.

If I remember correctly, at that time I was proposing to create exclusive content for this sector of the audience or to thank you in some way (make them feel special).It will help you to promote your product (what you sell) by these people.

Do not underestimate the power of people who are truly committed to your business because they can get your message further and unlike you. It has a closer relationship with potential customers who trust their selection criteria.

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These are the people who generate that “word of mouth” that is talking about your business or product so much in the most traditional marketing and that generates many potential sales.One of your goals in social networks should be to generate engagement that generates more engagement using the truly engaged audience.

Engagement Of The Indicated Audience: The Logic Behind The Metric

One of the disadvantages of engagement (you know that here we talk about the good and the bad) is that many of the interactions you receive on social networks are from people who are outside the range of what you consider as a target market.

For example, if you upload a photo on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags, you will capture the attention of many people from different parts of the world, but not all of those people can sell your products or services.This is where it becomes vital that you know how to discriminate total interactions from those that can truly generate benefits for your company.

On Facebook, to name a case, metrics are provided about the people who interact including data such as sex and age. The idea is that you base your calculations on the people who are part of your target market to determine if you are doing well.

For example, if your target market is made up of women, men’s interactions may be less valuable. If your target market is Spain, everything that is outside is irrelevant to your company, to continue exemplifying.

Of course, the interactions outside the range of your potential clients can help you to send a message that aims to capture more audience according to your objective. A man who interacts with your brand could share content with a woman who is a part of your target market.

Work To Improve Engagements

Now that you know what engagement is, you only have to work to improve it, shall we help you?

Note that everything is complemented when we talk about marketing strategies, since engagement is closely related to the knowledge you have about your target market.And that knowledge depends directly on the creation of the profile of your ideal buyer or buyer persona.

Beyond the good definitions of your target market, you must know how to translate what you know into content that is useful and attractive to your audience, success lies in this strategy.

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