5 Ways to Create Positive Change and Increase Happiness at Work

Happiness at work
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In this article, we will take an in-depth look into the aspects of happiness at work, understand why it is vital to maintaining work motivation, and discuss some of the essential and cutting-edge techniques for deriving the maximum happiness at work.

The success of any organization depends on its employees. A satisfied employee would be more productive and able to focus on work in a better way. Organizations that try to keep their employees happy can achieve better results. They can bring in positive change in the workplace, keep employees happy, and achieve improved productivity. This is the reason organizations in different sectors focus on employee engagement as a strategy to keep employees happy. Employee engagement refers to the process of ensuring employeesdevelop a sense of ownership of the job allowing then to be more productive.

While there are different ways of increasing happiness at work, employee engagement is an effective way of doing this. While other measures may produce a temporary effect, employee engagement is a strategy that produces long lasting results. An organization that implements employee engagement can be assured of creating a work environment that fosters happiness, creativity, productivity, efficiency leading to positive change. Organizations can make use of an employee engagement app or such software to implement engagement.

The following are five ways in which organizations can use the principles of employee engagement to create positive change and increase happiness at work:

1) Recognize Achievements

Achievements are the key to success, whether it is for individuals or an organization. When an employee puts in extra effort or comes out with creative solutions to solve problems, it leads to goals being achieved. Such achievements need to be recognized. This will increase happiness, since the employee is happy for being recognized. Recognizing achievers acts as a motivator for other employees, who will be enthusiastic to put in more effort to be recognized. An employee motivation appcan be used to recognize achievements and publish it so that everyone in the organization is informed of the same.

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2) Implement a Reward System

While compliments and recognition can motivate employees, there is no doubt that a reward acts as a greater motivator. The reward need not necessarily be monetary in nature and can even include simple things like a day off, a ticket to a movie, a paid vacation, or any other such thing that would make an employee happy. A transparent reward system needs to be in place, so that everyone who puts in efforts gets rewards. This would ensure employee satisfaction and help in employee engagement becoming effective. A point system can be used where points are awarded based on work done and achievements. Every fortnight or month, employees can be permitted to redeem the points for rewards. The organization can offer different types of rewards to motivate employees to work harder to earn points. Here again, an app can be helpful in doing this seamlessly.

3) Quick Training

Training can be helpful in ensuring employee happiness. Employees feel happy when they are empowered through training. Quality training ensures employees have the skills needed to achieve success at work. Training also ensures they can progress in their career. Instead of conventional training, quick training or bite sized training can be very effective. This involves the use of small training modules that can be completed within 15 minutes. Such training modules can be offered regularly to deliver effective training. This can be done through a portal or an app.

4) Better Communication

Communication ensures that employees are well-informed. This allows them to be prepared for any work-related challenge. One of the best ways of communication is by using an IT-based solution. Using an intranet or an app can allow organizations to communicate effectively with employees. Information would be available at the fingertips allowing employees to work more effectively. Updates can be sent easily through an app. Similarly, work schedules, modifications to schedules can also be done through an app, allowing for more effective communication, which improves work efficiency. This ensures work is done smoothly ensuring employee satisfaction.

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5) Fun Contests

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is an old saying! Fun-based activities in the organization act as a relief from regular work routines. Fun contests, raffles, and other such activities are entertaining for employees allowing them to take a brief break from work. Such fun contests ensure employees can win prizes. This can help in create a better work environment in the organization, since the management encourages such activities. It allows employees to bond well and have a more positive relationship with the management. Even this can be done through an app, allowing even remote working employees to participate in such activities.

Organizations can very easily implement the above-mentioned techniques to implement employee engagement. These strategies can produce effective results to improve employee happiness. All that is needed is a good quality engagement app and commitment from the management. This can truly bring about positive change throughout the organization.

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