Top 5 Business idea in the year 2020

Business idea
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The best business ideas are born at the intersection of passion, skills, strategic thinking – and timing.

A successful entrepreneur or the businessperson is the one who opened up the gate when opportunities knocked on his door.
Taking all the opportunities with proper calculation of the risk helps in achieving all the rewards which the opportunities provided.
Generating revenues with the help of more innovative ways is the new need of the market.

Diversification in efforts and ways of channelizing your energy opens up the new ocean of opportunities.
Technological advancements and innovations have changed the scenario in the overall workforce.
There are numerous ways through which an individual can start his business without incurring any cost and others have their own ways to start with little investments.

This method may not appear enough and there are various tools that can assist in generating capital for the work without any personal individual efforts.
Lifting a finger can help you reap the desired results
Here are the 10 major ways to generate revenue without investing a huge amount of money. So let’s discuss the major sources of income:

1.Start a Chatbot Agency

Chatbots are changing the scenario of technology at a high speed. These chatbots have completely transformed the ways of communicating and solving disputes of the clients or the users.

These chatbots are becoming the essential components for all the companies irrespective of their varied size of the firm.

Such chatbots can bring the revenue that you want for the company by starting an agency that provides chatbots as per the requirement of the company.

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Now you must be wondering that you require a class of coding to start such things?

No, the agencies do not have to learn how to code but with the help of using some mediums such as Chattypeople, a bot that functions with the help of AI can get generated in minutes.

A practical interaction that gets provided by Chattypeople such as a visual interface and bots can be created free of charge.

Such platforms also provide time for you to practice and sharpen your skills until the time you are ready to render your services.

2.Becoming a translator

A polyglot is an individual that is in high demand as to enter the global market there is a basic requirement to know the language of the region that you are approaching.

This command on languages can open up a wide range of jobs where companies seek a language expert.

Delivering translation services that further assist companies in translating documents and building effective means of communication.

If you have proper insights and experiences in such a specific area such as medicine and health you can even provide a specific technical translation.

Delivering quality services where you use all the terminology can develop your name in a particular industry.

3.Data Entry Specialist as a Business Idea

There are many tasks where there is no need for some specialization and skills but sometimes becomes mandatory for the company to function accordingly.

Data entry is among such tasks that do not require any degree of specialization and it is available in enormous capacity.

The bulky amount of data along with the ease in performing the tasks makes it an attractive performance that can get completed without much brainstorming.

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4.App Tester as a Business Idea

If you use your phone wisely then you easily become an app tester just by signing up.

The app developers are always searching for the people which can test the products and services on different smartphone models, smart devices, and even on several versions of the software.

The testing can be executed in a few simple steps where the app needs to get downloaded, installing it, and then further test drive it.

For downloading certain apps there is a need to pay some charges which are even refundable.

5.Writing product reviews as a Business Idea

Similar to the app testing there are certain companies that provide you with money for writing good reviews such as E-commerce sites.

The major thing which is to be kept in mind is that there are many individuals and companies which offer certain strata of services.

So for rendering your services it must be unique and creative. Simple and meaningful language conveys a straight meaning to the readers.

A friendly tone is likely to attract more attention to the readers rather than an informative tone which provides just the information.


Finding out the ways to earn more money within a certain amount of time and investments might appear challenging and precarious.
The ideas discussed above are the top 5 best ideas for start-ups which will further help in providing grief over the particular choice of your business.
these ideas can further assist you as the secondary source of income without investing a lumpsum amount of money and energy.
This thing further allows you to channelize your energy to focus on some other sources and build multiple ways of approach in business

Author: James Vargas

Author Bio: James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, startup consulting services. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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