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What Makes you a Great Leader

Learning how to be a Great leader can greatly impact the success of your team, your organization and yourself.

To be an effective leader, you must understand your own motivations, strengths and weaknesses.

Effective leaders have major impacts on not only the team members they manage, but also their company as a whole. Employees who work under great leaders tend to be happier, more productive and more connected to their organization.

Consider some of the following tips for how to be a Great leader and think about ways that you can implement these strategies in your daily life.

Encourage Creativity

“When you’re open to hearing the thoughts of the talent around you is when you truly embrace every possibility and potential .”

Creativity is just a different way of thinking, and you can train others to break free of those mental constraints through encouraging fresh perspectives.

When leaders believe in their employees and give them the opportunity to learn and grow, they might be surprised how much they can accomplish.  Effective leaders should offer new challenges with ample support to achieve these goals.

Listen and observe. 

When you begin to develop leadership qualities, you begin to engage in what is called “long-term thinking.

 To be an effective leader, one must listen to what those around you are saying, and then make a decision on what you have heard You can tell a lot about a person if you observe them. See what they are passionate about, what makes them excited, which tasks make them gloomy, and which seem to make them happy.

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 Be Strong but not rude.

Learning to be strong but not impolite is an extra step you must take to become a powerful, capable leader with a wide range of reach. But it’s a thin line. Make sure you don’t cross it. Some people mistake rudeness for strength. It’s not even a good substitute. Rudeness, we don’t need. Strength, we do need.


Vision is important for a great leader

“”Many leaders have great vision but fail to lead their organizations anywhere. Vision that is only kept in your mind is not vision, but a dream.”” 

Great leaders have a vision. They can see into the future.They have a clear, exciting idea of where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish and are excellent at strategic planning.

This quality separates them from managers. Having a clear vision turns the individual into a special type of person. 

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Offer Rewards and Recognition

Offer Rewards and Recognition to be a great leader

Another important quality of a good leader involves knowing that offering effective recognition and rewards is one of the best ways to help followers feel appreciated and happy.

It may also come as no surprise that happy people tend to perform better at work. Also, make your rewards desirable and fun

Connect with your Team members.

Connect with your Team members to be a great leader

Leading a group of people requires a mutual sense of trust and understanding between the leader and their team members. To achieve this, leaders should learn to connect. 

 Positive Attitude

A positive environment is more likely to create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Great leaders think about where they want to be in five and ten years, and what they have to do each hour of each day to make their desired futures a reality.

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Great leaders inspire other people, their friends, customer, associates and even their children because they are inspired themselves.


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