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The ABC of Managing Your Time

What is ABC of Managing Time? Are you BUSY? Do you always seem to have a lot to do and never seem to get it done, or done on time, or are things done at the last minute under a lot of pressure and stress?.

Time is a unique resource and one of your most valuable resources. Time is also a limited resource. First, if it’s wasted, it can never be replaced. People talk about saving time, but time can never actually be saved.

Knowing how to manage your time is the starting point to getting more accomplished in the day. If you’re struggling with figuring out why you’re not as productive as you should be, you’re not managing your time effectively.

It is not uncommon to hear others say that they need additional hours to get everything done, but that is simply wishful thinking.

What is ABC’s of Managing Your Time

 The ABC of Managing Your Time

The ABC Method is a powerful priority setting technique that you can use every single day. This technique is so simple and effective that it can, all by itself, make you one of the most efficient and effective people in your field.

Here are some suggestions to help you better use your time:

Create Tasks From Goals

1. Make and keep a list of all your current, upcoming, and routine goals. Know what needs to be done daily, weekly, and monthly.

2. Rank your goals according to importance. Not all goals are of equal importance. Given the limitations on your time, you want to make sure you give highest priority to the most important goals.

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3. List the activities/tasks necessary to achieve your goals. What specific actions do you need to take to achieve your goals?.

Once you’re done with creating and setting goals, you’ll need to break them down into tasks.

Determine Your Top Priorities

 The ABC of Managing Your Time

Divide these activities/tasks into categories using an A, B, and C classification. The A’s are important and urgent. B’s are either important or urgent, but not both. C’s are routine—not important nor urgent, but still need to be done.

If you have more than one “A” task, you prioritize these tasks by writing A-1, A-2, A-3, and so on in front of each item.

Precaution: Realize that priorities may change as your day or week proceeds.

With effective time management, you’ll not only get more done but at the end of the day you’ll definitely feel more accomplished.

By effectively managing your time, you’ll have control of your day to get more done all while be organized. You can help yourself, business, and team save substantial amounts of time by effectively managing the time you have.

Practice this ABC Method every day and on every work or project list, before you begin work, for the next month. By that time, you will have developed the habit of setting and working on your highest priority tasks and your future will be assured!.

Thank you for reading this article on The ABC of Managing Your Time . If you have any better tips that you would like to share, please feel free to comment below! or you can write an article to us by CONTACTING us.

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